Download captcha brotherhood (version 1.2.1)

captcha brotherhood is currently available only for windows platforms.

Latest Version ( 1.2.1 )
click here to download installer (.msi) ( Mipony plugin included )
if you already have Captcha Brotherhood installed,Uninstall first. Please note your username and password!

To Enable CBH on JD2 : ( We strongly recommend to upgrade to JD2, if you have old JD1 )
1. After installing CBH, create a new CBH user if you don't already have one. We recommend entering a valid email to be able to recover your password in case you forget it. Otherwise, you can't !!
2. Then you should enter your CBH username and password in JD2 Settings->Captcha->Captcha Brotherhood Settings->Edit
3. Also you should enable Captchabrotherhood on that screen, and we strongly suggest to disable all other options

to install : just right click the .msi installer file and click "Install as Administrator". If you don't see that option, save and double-click this file : enableAdminInstall.reg

Previous Version ( 1.1.9 )
click here to download installer (.msi) ( Mipony plugin included )

To enable "Run as Administrator" on executable files, read following pages :

after install, run "CBH captcha solver" on desktop and enter username & password. Then click "Start" button

* There is no manual install rar archieve, since its not required anymore.

* to be sure about safety of the download link, you can check it online via

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